Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Brace yourself...

It is primary time in Idaho... and the nuts are

Any one who has Facebook or even just internet,
has seen Idaho politics at it's finest...NOT...

They had a debate, if you want to call it that...
for the Governor's office... As they call it the biker,
curmudgeon, the cowboy (our now governor) and the
"normal guy".

The Governor wanted all the candidates on the platform
with him... I think his purpose was to make him seem like
the best or sanest of the bunch..  But I think what he
ended up with is... Idaho being the laughing stock of the
nation, as the debate has hit You tube and the rest of the
internet media.   And it didn't have to take it very far to
get the rest of the nation to think we are all a bunch of nuts.
If Randy Weaver didn't have it started, there is the Senator
Craig.. and a few others we have sent to Washington, D.C.
that has given us the country bumpkins name.

Well, today the primary is going to be over.. In our state,
the Democrats have an open primary. The Republicans have
it closed as they think it will be tarnished by the Democrats.
But there is no worry there, as the Republicans do a dandy job on their own.  They are so bad off, that they can't get along with each other.  We have 4 or more Republican parties here in Idaho.
2 Reagan (they don't like each other and fight over who is going to claim Reagan) then we have the swift right religious ones, and the Conservative ones.. and that is debatable too.. and then there is the middle Republican. 

So by tonight, we will have some winners, lot of losers, and hopefully
the losers don't include us citizens...

for those with internet.. this is the primary debate. 


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