Friday, May 16, 2014

Lost in the 50's 2014 from the inside

We decided to enter the parade with our 95 Pontiac Firebird. So this year there
isn't all the pictures I usually get.. and I didn't get the one what flames come out the back.. but if you go back ot last years you can see that...  It was nice to be on the inside, walking around to see the different cars and talk to the people who own them..  Hopefully next year we will have our 47 Ford pick up in it. 

 This is a window to the engine... which was cool...
 you can actually watch it run...

We got there at 4:30 pm.. the parade started at 5:15 pm.. the parking lot was over flowing.. with cars up on the back lawn, and a long line out on Division Street, waiting to come into the parking lot to be able to be in the parade... I bet there was 1000 cars this year... Usually they average 6 to 700 each year. I think they surpassed that.  

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