Thursday, May 22, 2014

Your car is tattle tailing on you..

Did you know that your car can tell on you? How fast
you were going? Where you have been? If it has a
GPS, you kind of figured that it knew where you went.
But there is a system called EDR (event data recorders)
in your new car, it is kind of like the black box of sorts.

As we get more vehicle communications technology, the
more the car can tell who ever wants to know.. about you
and your driving habits. Even letting the factories access
your data. All while you have no idea that it is doing it.
Information that can become open to your insurance
company, even the courts can ask for this information.
Because at this time.. there is no privacy limits on those

Which is scary.. as we all know.. when it comes to computers, which is what all of this technology relies on.. it can be hacked.  I know this is in the future.. and hopefully in the far future...where the powers that be, can protect us... but how long before someone hacks into that system? The
evil always finds ways to take a good thing and use it for
their works.  Look at the ATM card.. which millions or more
rely on daily.  The Target Store and also our local stores,
system was hacked. So why not cars?

Myself, I don't have to worry about this.. so far.. because
my vehicles are too old.. I guess there is a good side of
not having the latest and greatest vehicle.

Oh, while I am at it... are you reading this on your laptop?
Do you have one of those little dots on top of your lid?
You know..the camera that you talk to your kids, grandkids
with, and friends?  It seems that as long as you have your
laptop on.. there are hackers who can see in your house.
So be careful where you have your laptop pointed. One
young lady had hers in her bedroom.. So someone could
see her dressing and undressing.. hence, got some
photo's of such.  Imagine her shock when she found out
they were on the internet.

So you might want to have a patch to put over the "eye"
when you are not talking to the kids...
I use to think this was all hooey... paranoid people..
Sadly the more we open our lives to connect with others
the more we open it up to the evil side of life.  

Have a nice Memorial Day weekend.. (little early for me,
I am use to the 30th.)

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marlu said...

Me too - on the 30th! Makes for a long week-end but I used to like the breaks in the middle of the week.

My camera has a little hinged "eye-patch" that I can swing around and cover the lens!
Never dreamed I would need it.