Saturday, May 24, 2014

Plow day with the Tractor Club

It was great day for plowing... mostly sunshine, with a few clouds... young and old, women and of course men... watched as the tractor club made the grass into good brown dirt.  First the tractors with the plows, and then the tractors with the disks.... making mountains of dirt in to mole hills... 
The faces of the drivers.. some smiling.. some with determination on their faces... People came and went. There was even refreshments for those who cared to ask... and the Museum people were accepting donations, 
for their hopefully soon to be built building in the city of Kootenai with the Tractor Club having a building there as well..   Great day.. so for those who missed it.. here are the pictures.. Old drivers, young drivers, all doing what they do best. 

 Marianne Love was there taking pictures and visiting with friends as well..

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