Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Gentlemen, (and Ladies) start your bar-b-ques

It is time... do you have yours out and cleaned up?
ready to go?  We have had ours out for almost a
month now.

Here in Sandpoint, Idaho, we practice a little bit,
get a little more serious the 2nd weekend of the
month of May.  That is LOST IN THE 50'S weekend.
Weather promising, we get our grills ready...

Then, of course, the official start is May 30th.
That is when we bring out the steaks, the chips,
salads and the full table full of food.. weather
permitting.... after all this is Idaho.

Every night is cooking out night.. and a rest ...ha ha.
for the women. I say ha..ha.. because as we all know
that while the man is doing the cooking outside.. it is
the woman who gets all the stuff ready for him.. running
back and forth, getting last minute things he forgot..
All the while she gets the veggies, table set, drinks lined
up, and all the rest which it takes to make a meal.

But it is great to start eating outside.. enjoying the sun...
weather permitting... and hopefully without the bees and
flies joining you...

Also the start of watermelon eating... so enjoy..
In the good old summer time.....

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