Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Bones ache, but I feel good...

This past week has been full.. Ever since it stop raining, I
have been working in the yard.. Over the weekend, we
both have been working in the yard.

Saturday was full of mowing lawns, weed whacking.. also a
side trip to making cookies to send to Montana for a young
lady who is graduating from high school...

She and her family use to be our over the alley neighbors.
They left when this young lady was about 8.. now she is 18.
They came for a visit at our town 3 weeks ago. We met them
at a local restaurant as their visit was full of friends and
little time.  As we sat there, she related that she tried to get
the folks to stop by our house. Because she wanted to see
if I had any cookies.

See the back door was always unlocked. And if we had
gone to the store, it was common to see the two (her and
her older brother) sitting in our house, watching cartoons.
And eating cookies or Popsicles. It was a sad day when
they left to start their new life in Montana.

I told her I didn't make cookies anymore as they moved
away and so did my grandson, who was just a little older.
So when I figured out we couldn't make the graduation,
I had to do something a little extra besides sending a card.
I use to make butterscotch, peanut butter, chocolate chip
cookies for the kids... So I made 3 dozen Saturday and
shipped them off today.

The King has made a beautiful green house on top of
our raised garden. He is about 90% done. Just got to
put in the fan and both doors he has for it.

Each evening we came in, as well as last night... beat.
dead tired, and only a shower would do for our tired
bones, before we collapse in our chairs.
And we have slept soundly.. Yep, beat, sore,
but boy does it feel good.


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