Thursday, May 29, 2014

tending the sick husband...

Those of you who have husbands...
and have to deal with them, when they
are sick and at home for the day or two..
You know how this goes...

You know.. the man who says, Oooooo, I'm sick.
I am soooooooooo sick... with the conviction of
no one has been as sick as they are.

Being sick is one thing, and being a nurse for them
can be nerve breaking points as well. but providing
entertainment can break down even an angel.

When they get to the in between point, where
they are not quite as sick, but not quite well.

In bed, up in the chair, back in the bed.. get me this,
could you get me that.. can you reach that for me
(when it is only inches away)...why isn't this working?
And when they don't like your answers.. well, you
aren't a doctor anyway.  well, you know the

I am on day 2 and looks like another day is coming up.
So I am getting the "I'm bored." I am sick, and don't want
to do anything..but television is boring.
"How can you watch this stuff."  
"It is called news", I reply..... 
"Oh, isn't there something else on?"  
"Uh, change the channel, you have the remote control, I smile with  teeth showing....
Few minutes later.. "there is nothing on"....  
So I put in a dvd of hunting... He watches about 20 minutes and says, don't you have something better?"  
He must be sick, as he can watch the hunting channel 
for 6 hours on a rainy day. 

Yea, making it entertaining is almost a deal breaker.   

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