Tuesday, April 25, 2006

10 years...Before and After...

I'm not a chicken little attitude type
person. I guess I get that from my
mother. She didn't believe in the
backyard bomb shelters.

So the global warning is hard to get
excited about, when they talk about it
is going to happen in the next
10,000 years or more.

Bird flu is another one, but so
far less than 100 have died. Just
a lot of people are getting sick from
it. The yearly flu and even the common
cold kills thousands and thousands
each year, and millions get sick from it.

Now we have e-mail's and the paper
flying with rumors of doom of the human
race or the "white Americans". And the
quotes are 10 or 20 years old. So far
the ones that I have met are decent
people. Hard working people who do
jobs none of us want to do, nor do
we want our children to do. I can
remember when kids 12 years old
use to pick strawberries and etc. Now
none do it that I am aware of. Few
want to do domestic work or gardener
type jobs. Only thing is I just want them
to come in legally like all the rest have
done for years.

When I was a kid, we had Portuguese,
who came over. They did stone work.
Best rock walls in New England are
done by them. For over 100 years
the existing ones were deteriorating,
because no one wanted to or did them.
Best fishermen, farmers, and gardeners.
I can remember the adults going to
night school to learn English.

So are we all doom in 10 years
as they predict? I don't know. Is life
for my children or grandchildren, going
to be worse for them, when they get my
age, I don't know
Look at where we were 10 years ago.
Compared to now. So many changes,
that I can't list.

Was Dover Bay the land that was
advertised in 1997, for $36,000 for
27 acres with water view?

10 years ago, how many 60 to 80
year old people were blogging? Or
even using computers? Emailing?

How common was blogging? How
many were surviving cancer? Compared
to now?

How many adults over 70 years of
age were put in nursing homes at that
time? Now those same type are in
assisted living or at home with an
aide that comes to their home.
Leaving them a few more years
before they are dispatched to a
nursing home?

Yes, we have come a long way
in the past 10 years. And I am
sure there were people, that were
afraid that we were doomed then.

So am I afraid to face the next 10
years? no... You ask what about
Bush? I say, there have been
worse before, and we survived them.
Hopefully some one will step up
to the plate in 3 more years that
we can truly put our trust into.

But as my mother use to say...
This too shall pass


LucilleNT said...

Can't agree with you more...I like the Mexican people, their food is so good and their festivals so colorful..reminds me of my ancestors from Poland who came here to escape Hitler and the first thing they all did was learn the English language. They all knew how to work hard too, farming, building, fishing and so on...but inspite of all my likes about the Mexican people...they should have come here legally. If you want to work here and are in Poland you have to get a sponsor here first before yu can work for the summer...You said it all lady..great blog.

Dogwalkmusings said...


God's Helper said...

Have to agree big time. My son-in-law falls into that catagory. I have to say, He is a very hard working honest person. He is good to my daughter and their children. But I wish he had come legally. He wants to become licenses and bonded so he can start his own business. I have the children of illegal immigrants at school, but the children were born here. Am I to treat these people with any less respect as I would anyone else. I think not..
Great blog Cis.