Tuesday, April 11, 2006


What is your purpose?
Not who you are, or what
you do necessarily, but
what is your purpose.

When you are young, you
don't think about what your
purpose is. When you become
a parent you know your
purpose is to raise your
children to the best of your
ability so they can become
good honest, fun loving,
adults that others want to
be around.

Then your purpose is to be
a good grandparent. But
that is not such a heavy
responsibility as being
a good parent.
And as you gain to becoming
a great grandparent, it becomes
even less of a responsible.

So what is your purpose to
yourself? As you raise up in
the morning...does anyone
care? Does anyone notice?
Of course if you have a spouse
they will care and notice. At
least I hope so.

But if you don't have a spouse?
Do you have a purpose?

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Dogwalkmusings said...

Good stuff my friend