Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran Day....

Every year we honor our Veteran’s. Some get invited
to schools. Some are at the cemetery to honor those
who have gone before us…

It is always a sad time. To know so many died for and I and the rest of the country. So we have the
freedoms we share these days.

Which makes me wonder sometimes…
were we worth it? So many young men, and
now we have middle age and women, in our troops.
Are we worth it?

We have become a whining, sniveling bitching
country. Nothing is good enough for us. We want
everything now. And as our country sits on the edge,
we citizen cry about us. What it is doing to us. We
want the government out of our hair, yet blame it
when we don’t have what we want.

For today, let’s hope everyone can put their problems,
and ideals to the side… and honor the men and women
who gave us the chance to live in this wonderful country,
with all of its warts.

And pray for the ones who are overseas, and about to go
overseas… pray for their families who go without their
spouses and parents. And don’t forget to say thank you,
most humbly ….THANK YOU, to you all, Vets as well as
the troops serving now.

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