Monday, November 19, 2012

A week of Thankfulness...

Personally, I thank God each night for all the things I am thankful for. From the big to the small.. and then only asking for the health and safety  of others.

But with Thanksgiving upon us in 4 days.. it reminds us to be thankful for all the things we have.  So for these 3 days before Thanksgiving, I am going to keep that in mind.
For I am thankful for so much.  My needs are small, but I am grateful for many things.. big and small…

For the love of a man, who calls me his wife.

For my children, who have made me proud each day of my life.

For my grandchildren, who have made their own way in life.

For my great-grandchildren, who are discovering life..
And the good health for them all.

For my own health, each day I put my feet on the floor and able to stand up and take a step, is a blessing to me.

For my ability to still have my right mind, and it is still working, even if there are times I wonder if it is…

Having lost one of my generation of cousins, I am thankful for
the good health of those left behind.. And my brother whose health hasn’t been the best for the past 4 years.. yet he still has good quality of life.

These may seem selfish, my gratefulness for those close to me.. But this is going to be a 3 day series, so figured I would start out with those who are the closes to me.



Happy birthday..MM… on your 22nd  

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