Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Noise...and more noise..

I have gotten so I hate to shop anymore…
If I go to Wal-mart or Yokes, I have started
going at 8am.. or even earlier.

It isn’t the crowd.. the crying babies, although that
does get to me, if it is the high pitch seal squeal
type.  It isn’t even the baskets parked in the middle
of the aisle.. although if I am in a hurry that irritates
me as well.  You know the type, who park the basket
towards the middle and then stand in the left over

What it is, is the constant talking.. not two people, but
the ones on the phones.. what is it about those on cell
phones who feel like they have to share their side with
everyone in the store, using their outside voices?

And even in the bathroom.. FOR…CRYING..ALOUD…
I want peace and quiet when I am in there.  I have the
instant urge to scream.. WILL YOU JUST.. SHUT… UP…
take it outside.

I must be getting old.

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