Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Lack of posting the blog...

As you can see I didn't post today... Just didn't feel in the mood.
Had to deal with so many downers... I just can't believe people.
Such radical remarks.. to the point it makes me almost wonder..
maybe I don't have the right friends.. Or I have too many
Republican friends..  After the 3 calls today, I had to get away.
Facebook was the same.. If I thought it was bad before, with
all the remarks.... that is nothing.. to what they are saying now.

Everything to cussing, racial remarks, (friends who I didn't ever
think of them as racist) remarks of doom and gloom.. And some
of the remarks of what they thought of Obama as if they knew
him personally and how horrible he is. Which, of course, they
don't know him personally.

I just don't get it.. why do they hate him?  It isn't because of him
personally.. as said before .... they don't know him..   So it must
be what he represents. But even that should not bring on such
hateful remarks.

Oh, and God forbid, don't joke about it.. The King was joking
with a few of his co workers..and they were nasty in their remarks.
So he told him, he was going to become a Muslin.. and go to the Mostic
he was buying into the 10 virgins and one old hag, that they promise
on death.. and he has the old hag at home.. so he couldn't wait until
he got those 10 virgins.. and he started to laugh. But he was
the only one who was laughing.. they got angry at him and started to
scream at him, and doesn't he realize that his life was never going
to be the same.. Talked about how Obama should be shot.. He
stared at them in disbelief... and told them.. they needed to get a grip.
That American has been thru a lot worse things, and survived very
well, and will again..  And you guys can't even take a joke...

Yep, both of us.. were glad to get away this afternoon.  We needed
space.... what downers they are.  We decided we may just take
a couple of days off from friends for a while, until they can calm

And those who say that is it.. They are moving to Australia... well,
good bye.. I will miss you... but then again, maybe not... Oh, by the
way, last I heard.. Australia doesn't let people just move there. You
just don't pack up your stuff and walk in... You have to put in a
request, and it can take up to 5 years to get a visa to move there.
At least that was so, about 12 years ago, when we were talking to
someone who moved there from California. Maybe Canada might
be better.. but then again, Canada isn't too thrill about us moving
there either.

Also my trusty new machine is in the shop... so probably won't
be posting much until it gets out.. This is my old one.. and it is
slower than molasses..

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Hattie said...

Take heart. We won this one. (Coming over from Kay 's blog)
Too bad about Idaho, though. A beautiful place but a lot of ugly ideas floating around there.