Monday, November 12, 2012

Life was going to change as we knew it....

All the negatives people are in an uproar.. the Republicans,
who are telling us another 4 years with Obama, will change
our life as we know it…

I was there in the 1950’s where we had to dive under
our desk, in case a bomb came. Because life was going
to change as we knew it.

I was there during the 1950’s when people were digging
holes in their yards…Bomb shelters..because life was going
to change as we knew it

I was there in the 1960’s during the Cuba missile, …………..
when we knew the bomb was going to end our world as we knew it.

I was there in the 1972’s with waiting in line to get gas, and the Watergate,and life would be changing as we knew it..

I was there in 2008 when the people told us that because of Obama winning, our life was going to change as we knew it…
Yet here I am.. still… I am still alive.. I still have a home, as did my parents in the 1950’s

So those with all those negative words and thoughts.. who spewl out the downside of our recent elections… tell me.. what war, what argument has been won with negativity?  Because I have yet in my 72 years, seen or heard of anything being won by negative words..

And, life will change as we know it??? I sure hope so. As no one wants stagnation… and be it for the good or not… it will change… as you can see it always has.. and thru those bad times?? We, as AMERICANS, have survived...
that is what we do..

So all that negative, how does that work for you? Doesn’t it stress you out? Doesn’t it wear you down? Is that really what you want out of life..

I have found out thru my years… it is all how you approach things. If you follow negative around, you will be negative… If you decide to follow the road that has an upbeat, finding the positives… you are a lot happier… I was once accused of looking thru rose colored glasses of life… maybe so.. but I can tell you, I am sure a lot happier than you are.. only down time for me, is being around you, with your negativity.  Again, how is that working for you?  Mine is working just fine for me.. so pardon me, if I don’t stick around, I have things to do, places to go, and people to be with...


marlu said...

Very nice. Thank you for expressing yourself so well!

marlu said...

Very nicely expressed.