Tuesday, November 13, 2012

So he isn't SUPERMAN, so what?....

So he isn’t SUPERMAN, so what


As we all know, we found out that the General has feet of clay…
He is human.. makes mistakes…a few bad choices, who doesn’t.. well I have been told that there is one man who hasn’t.

The General did the right thing.. he resigned before it became an issue.. An Issue country wise, that is.. as there are people out there who would use his secret for blackmail.. it has happen in the past.. Especially for those who are gay over the last 50 years.  Sometimes government types,
some of them corporate.


There will be those from the right who will be screaming to have his retirement taken away from him… The man has served his country for what, 30 some odd years.. yet take it away because he was human. To those right wingers, with
heavy religious backing… what would Jesus do? What Jesus did was tell them, HE, WHO IS WITHOUT SIN, CAST THE FIRST STONE..  I am sure, as the Biblical days, there will be a lot of those who will walk away… even more so than back then, after all we have internet search and etc. to track down those who lift the stone up…  People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

 It is sad to see such a man fall from grace.  And from now on.. I think it should be left alone.. He has to explain to his family.. he has had to face his wife. Only they have the business of deciding where he goes from here.  His government service is over… it is no longer a public issue…once and for all…

One of the things that surprise me, is the heavier critics are men… wow, when the polls say that 78% of the men cheat on their wives….. and those were only the ones who admit it..

 So General David Petraeus, thank you for your years of service… and I am sorry that you made some human choices that didn’t work out…. As I would have wanted you to be there for us in the future..  Sorry that didn’t work out for either of us.  I wish you well with your family…hope forgiveness is there for you.

Nope, he isn’t SUPERMAN… he is just a mere man… you do know that Superman is just a cartoon… why would you put such a heavy duty on any mere man..  Yep, those without sin………   

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