Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Please, can we go back?

Can we please go back to the world of before
Facebook and twitter? Please?

Before we knew about all the hateful, vindictive,
people of the world. Those who don’t even use their
own names. Are they that ashamed of what they write?
Are they afraid they might have to prove what they say
or be held accountable for what they write.

But the cat is out of the bag, the toothpaste is out of
the tube and there is no way we can reverse. But we
could make it a little better… Let’s have it .. if you write
it, you own it.. Use your own name.. have there be ways that
the Facebook people, newspaper owners, Twitters people
all have you verify your name and address… The address
won’t be printed on those media’s. But your name will be..
Along with a number so you won’t be confused by others
with the same name.  That you will have to give proof of
what you are writing about.. so it isn’t lies.  If you write some
thing that is so vile, people will know it was YOU, who said it.

This is, be it politicial or every day person, or media stars. Case in point, a singer recently had a baby…and some of the vile twitters that came out of people’s fingers.. While we are at it.. let’s make children and babies off limits. It isn’t their fault they were born to a star.

What makes these people think, that everyone should look like, act like they think? What makes their world so perfect, that ours should
mirror theirs?

Let’s go back to the times before we knew about these bottom feeders, and their vile was only local of those who could see them and hear them.  

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