Thursday, October 09, 2008

John McCain...what happen to you, John?

More and more lately I have hear this said...
I use to like John McCain.
And would have voted for him in 2000.
But I don't know who this guy is now...
What happen to him?

And I can understand that feeling. Being from
the Cafeteria Party, I can vote on any side I want.
And in 2000 campaign, I was looking forward to
voting for McCain. And I really never understood
why he pulled out after his lost in South Carolina.

Was it money? Was it the rumors about his family?
That didn't seem like the John McCain we had watched
on t.v. and like the way he was. He seemed to be
honest, and forth coming. He seem like a man of
honor. A fighter for the people, so why did he cut and run?
Why did he vote so much for the CEO's of the world,
over the years since? Did he sell his soul for his last
chance at the brass ring?

This McCain now, is so different from that one.
The 2000 McCain was kinder and gentler, but would
fight if needed. But not the nasty tones of his campaign
this time. Cutthroating, going for the juggler, with lies,
and part truths. Bring up things of the past of 30 years
ago, and associations that were just slight acquaintances.
When he himself has had so many skeletons in his own closet.

Too bad the old John McCain wasn't around. He would
have had a chance to win. He would have chosen a
experience woman for his running mate, not one of
shock and awe, with Paris Hilton tones.

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PinkAcorn said...

I think his recent smear campaign with Palin as his pit bull is hurting his image...not that he had much of one "my friends".

He talks about socialists..what does he think his health care plan is. The government pays us 5K for health insurance and then he taxes for it as income.

He has not once mentioned the illegal alien's in this country and how they impact this current economy!!!!