Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Angry Voters

Those who know me, know that I belong to
what I jokingly call the Cafeteria Party. Which
it seems to becoming less of a joke.

It means I am NOT a Republican and I am
NOT a Democrat. I go like a cafeteria, down
the line of candidates and pick and chose
from each side. Whom ever I think will do a
good job.

So that means I have lots of Republican Party
friends and lots of Democrat Party friends. And
I got to tell you, my Democrat Party friends
seem to be a happier bunch. I am sure there
must be a few grouchy Democrats, but I haven't
come across them.

But I am here to tell you, that there hasn't been
one happy Republican Party friend. They either
don't want to talk about politics because they
don't want to hurt my feelings or they out right
tell me, they can't see how I could be so stupid
to want to vote for the Democrat Presidential

I had one of them actually tell me, that if I was
going to vote for Obama, for me to stay at home
and not vote at all.

This person sent me an extreme negative, full
of lies, and half truths about Obama. And when I
wrote back that both candidate had people who were
writing such things, AND pointed out some of the stuff
that was written about McCain,pointing out about
4 or 5 of them. That it was the same as the nasty
one she had sent me. That is going to be a nasty
time before it was over. But all I cared about was
that she voted for her person of choice. That was
the most important thing.

She wrote back, she could not believe that I would
send her such nasty things about McCain. (now
remember she sent one with a heck of a lot more
nasty things about Obama.) And that she plan on
voting as she has voted ever time since she was 18.
(now in her 40's). Then she says..."If your mind is made
up about Obama than I beg you not to vote". Excuse me?
NO ONE TELLS ME NOT TO VOTE... this is from a
person who I call a friend. I would never tell anyone not
to vote, quite the opposite. As you know when you
have read my posts before.

She isn't the only one. Several people who are friends,
have gotten very indigent with me, with just the mere
mention that I liked Obama or they have seen my bumper
sticker of "got hope?". I have even gotten shy about wearing
my Obama cap, because I don't want to hear the viciousness
of it all.

I get thrown under the liberal bus,...given stories of people who
work hard and MY party wants to give the money to the poor
ones who didn't even try.

HELLO, my party??? My party is the best of all, it doesn't
demand money, we are the middle of the pendulum that swings.
We want equality of life for all. We don't believe the government
should be paying for Viagra, birth controls, or cell experiments.
We think all should be taxed the same. We are the middle..
We think there should be equality in education, health, and taxes
for all people.

Why are the Republican Party people so angry?
Maybe it is me... maybe I don't take it so serious. After
all, I know the President isn't that powerful. It is the Congress,
as I have already mention before here. Only time it is
really important, is when we have our President go over
seas. Who do we want to represent us? Quick Draw McCain,
or Quietly taking in all of the information, then rule with an
velvet glove over an iron fist, Obama. My choice, Obama.

Just vote... vote for your choice ...who ever that may be.
And try not to be so angry when you talk about your guy.


Dogwalkmusings said...

Interesting post. In thinking about it I've some die hard republican friends that won't send me a personal e-mail but forward all sorts of crap about Obama that is known not to be true. What's with this??

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

And you wonder why I HATE politics!

On a happier note, what gorgeous fall days we are having!