Wednesday, October 29, 2008


There comes a time when you have to say...
enough is enough.... and I have finally reached
that point.

I have endured 16 months of emails. Some from
Democrats and a lot from Republicans. Lately,
mostly Republicans. Over the 16 months I have
read each one, even though I didn't like them.

I have researched them when they didn't ring
true. I used Factcheck, Truthorfiction and Snopes.
When I found them not to be true... I would sent
the site address for that email story to the sender.
The Democrats were gracious, and some even
thanked me for enlightening them. Sorry to say the
Republicans were not so gracious. As you can tell
from a former post here a week or so ago.

I endured the emails because I wanted to know the
story from each side. And then one day, I declared
that as the head of Cafeteria Party, I had chosen
Obama as my choice. And yet, I still read the anti-
Obama emails just in case I could be wrong. But
as the past month or so has gone by, the emails
are getting more vicious. Nasty. I would search for
the truth of them, coming back as lies or twisted
truths and send them back as such.

But enough is enough, I have finally reached my
saturation point. As I watch the ads I see more
of the hatred show thru on the McCain side especially
thru his VP. So no more... I will not read any more
political email. For those who send them to me..
STOP... I am voting for Obama... you are not going
to change my mind. And I surely don't want to read
anymore anti-Obama lies. I am not going to watch
anymore campaign ads. Heck the Washington State
Governor one is even worse than the Federal ones.

So I say to you all... pass the lies to someone who
cares. I don't... And come Nov. 5th... that morning.
Hopefully we will have this decided. (God forbid, another
Florida mess) and one of us will be smiling. I sure hope it
is me... because I still have "got hope?". But if for some
reason you wake up smiling.... I will go to bed praying.
Praying for McCain's good health for 4 years.
Good luck you all... and don't forget....VOTE!!

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Betty said...

Great post. I'm fed up, too, and just hoping Obama will win. I voted yesterday, so I think that's about all I can do. It's up to the rest of the country, now.