Monday, November 23, 2015

Thankful for....

As we head into the week of Thanksgiving..
We start to think about what we are grateful
for.. Sometimes around the Thanksgiving table
there are words of thankfulness for these days.

Something we should do every day, not just
once a year.  Especially in these days and times.

So I am going to try to start each day this week,
with what I am thankful for... All it takes is a few
seconds.. and then say it aloud if you can..
While I do say it each morning.. I thank God for
giving me another day.. which at my age is a
big thing.

So for today.. I am most of all things.. thankful
for my family..  I am thankful that my family is
all safe and healthy.  Which is in my nightly prayer.
I am thankful that all my children, and grand children
are doing well.. That all of them and my great grand
children are well.  And a little prayer along with it..
That their lives continue to be safe and healthy even
after my passing..  Which is a big thankfulness and
prayer considering the way the world is going.  I
never take any of this for granted.  It is a great blessing
in my book of life.

I will also add.. I hope and pray that this is true of
your family as well.  

So I am thankful for today.. for my whole family. For
our love of each other, For our respect of each other.
As I look on in wonderment.

What are you thankful for........for today?  


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Mari Meehan said...

I'm thankful today for having you as a friend!