Monday, November 09, 2015


For someone my age, I can't understand how
we got to where we are with the handling those
who don't take responsibility for their actions.

The media and people jump past the start of a
problem and hit hard.. real hard on the outcome
of a situation. Forgetting the start.
 And the police are coming up on
the short end of the stick.  Along with society.

Take the Ferguson situation.  The police officer
lost his job. It effected his family and their income.
I don't know if he moved out of the town or the
state.  I don't understand how this happen. 
We know now, that the young man with his pal
stole from a store just minutes before. He was
stopped by the police officer.  The police
officer asked him to stop, so he could talk to
him.  The rest is murky... but what it amounts
to is.. the young man came at the police officer,
not in a friendly manner. In fact to such a menacing
manner that the officer pulled out his gun.. Once
again the rest is murky, as there are two stories,
but the evident leans in favor of the officer. But
because it was turn into a racy situation with riots,
the whole story boils down to what the officer did
which was shot the young man.  Nothing about
how the officer got in that position in the first
place. And his whole life with his family is washed
down the toilet.

There are many other stories, that have come to light
since thing for other people, mostly blacks that have
been shot, but nothing about how or what the officer
was put in to that situation. All of them was the person
ran, or attacked, rather than do just what the officer asked.

Then we have the young lady situation with the police
officer in the school.  The young lady was in position
to stop the situation 3 times.. 3 times!!.. She ignored the
teacher who requested she put her phone away while in
class. The situation got worse, so the security officer was
called in.. again the young lady refused and blew off the
person of authority.  So the police were called in. The
officer requested the young lady to put the phone away.
When she refused, he went to take the phone away. She
slugged him, and then what you saw on television proceeded.
The officer lost his job.  Nothing happen to the young lady.

Shortly after, on the social media was a video, of a
student who was punching, throwing a teacher on the
floor and continued to slug him while the teacher tried
to escape and nothing happen. And no other student tried
to help him.  And you wonder why teachers no longer
want to teach.  Between being beaten, and being shot
at, who wants to teach anymore.

Then there is the 15 year old, who was drunk, driving
his truck, with drugs in his system.. who left a party
at his own house, with friends.. to get more beer. He
ran over 4 pedestrians  and hit a truck.. Killing the 4
and the driver of the truck. What happen to him?
Nothing... the judge (surely she had to be paid off by
the wealthy parents)  said because the young man had
not be made responsible all his life, that he doesn't
understand  what he did wrong.  WHAT THE HELL?
NOTHING.. no jail time, no fine, nothing...

CONTROL?  Why is it, no one is held accountable
to their actions?

I am so glad to be living where I am.  And I feel
ashamed to admit, that I want to be like the bird
who hides his head in the sand. I can't do anything
to correct this and no one else seems to want to

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