Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Today sadden me..

Today is Veteran's Day... and some places will honor
those who have served and are still serving...

But it sadden me because the students are in school today.
The banks are closed, the post office is closed.. so tell me
why is it the students are in school?  Hopefully the
school are having an assembly for a program.. honoring
local veterans.  Hopefully they understand from the time
of World War I, World War II, Korean war (no I don't call
it a police action, when they are shooting at each other...
and then there is the Vietnam War...and I don't know what
they call this we are doing now.. it is war.. but not like the
war of years ago, where you go after each other, shooting
it out.. this war is so much different...  And our soldier,
our troops, need to be honored... by all.  And because they
have gone ... our youth who volunteered.. who were not
drafted... have stepped up for you and I. THANK YOU..

So to all of you who have served... and to all of you who
are serving now... We thank you for your service.. and we
are sorry that you have to be put in such a position. We can
only hope that some day.. people will stop hating others..
But in the meantime.. THANK YOU.. ALL OF YOU..

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