Thursday, November 12, 2015

More things I won't be able to do...

I have written before how electronic are starting
to baffle me..  That the smart phones are so
way far smarter than I am.
Computers are starting to run away from me as
well.  Movie cameras have left me in the dust.

All of these are disconcerting for me.. but
it has come to me, there is one more.. that I
have not thought about.  That is cars.
The new and improved, no key cars are going
so much into computer that I have realized
that I will never be able to have a new car.
Not that I can afford one...but even if I won
one free and clear...  I would have to take
driving lessons all over.  I would know how
to drive it down the road.  I just wouldn't
know how to start it up.

With that comes the realization, that not
only would I not be able to buy a new car...
but I would not be able to lease/rent a car.
Unless they have an older one. But in the
future.. I would be lost.

I wish the high schools would have night
school for those of my age.  To have different
computerize classes..  One for the Windows 10
and then one for smart phones... and now add
new cars systems as well.

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