Thursday, November 05, 2015


As I strolled thru the house at 0:30 hour this
am... looking at the white on the lawn.. and
some of the flowers frozen... the song came
to mind.   (I remember it being sang in a
movie with, I believe it was sang in  
Neptune's Daughter by Esther Williams in the
late 1940's)

Even the house was so dang cold....then it dawn
on me, the afternoon before was really warm and
I had the door I had turn the furnace
down to 60!!!   HOLY COW.. 
So sapped that baby up to 75...and grabbed
a cup of coffee. 

In the afternoon, I went out to survey the condition
of the remaining flowers.  Dumped the frozen
ones in the compost pile. Still have the ones
next to the deck doing pretty well.  And only
2 left of the in the yard ones.  And the pot with
the raspberry bush that we are going to transplant,
had a slice of ice covering it all.

Had to admit.. it is fall and heading to winter. So
took the remaining table and chairs off the deck
and put them away. That is my way of conceding
to the fact that snow is coming.

Even the windshield had ice on it. So that means
if I want to go anywhere in the morning, I have
to plan on 10 minutes ahead of heading out.. so
I can start the car and run the defroster.

Oh, well... just a mere only 150 days to Spring.
Geesh, 150 days seems like a long time... oh,
its a long, long time from  December to May....

(backwards from the song but true..)  

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