Tuesday, November 03, 2015


I hate it when I lose things.. Drives me nuts.
I look in everything .... twice.. some times more,
as if it will appear after I have looked in the pocket
or in the drawer or where ever.
I know it is in the house.. that is given. But where?

We came home  Sunday, from the store.. I had to use the
keys to open the door... so I know.. I know.. they are
here.. somewhere.  I remember bring in the groceries
when I open the door.. and put the keys on the counter
with the groceries .. to go out and get some more.. And
that is the last of my memory.

It doesn't scare me that they are gone, as I know they have
to be here somewhere. We didn't go anywhere after. So where
the heck are they??? good question.

I have looked in my sweater pockets at least 10 times ..
like maybe they will appear. maybe I didn't look deep
enough. I tore the counter apart... no where.

Maybe I should ask St. Anthony the finder of all things.
My Aunt Harriet use to ask his help.  But so far.. nothing.
and they are fairly important keys... so got to find them.

So if you would.. maybe you can ask the powers that be..
if the keys could appear for me.. lol...because so far I

am not doing well on my own


Word Tosser said...

found them!!!! in the garage...on the floor.. how? don't ask ...

This Girl Walks Into A Bar said...

Hi! I will be in Boise next week for a book signing at Pottery Barn. I'm coming to Idaho specifically to help raise money for St. Luke's PICU where my son's life was saved in February after a ski accident in Sun Valley. My sister and I are donating half of our proceeds to the hospital and would love your help getting out the word for this event.

If this fits with your blog, let me know and I'll send along more detailed information. We couldn't find an email for you anywhere on your blog :)

Word Tosser said...

The GIRL WALKS INTO A BAR.... I suggest you put it on Facebook.. Facebook spreads like wild fire. so put it up there and make sure you post is for public, not just friends.. sorry I couldn't email you, but you leave a closed area when I clicked on your name.