Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The more I learn... the less I know.

When it comes to electronic type thing, I
am at a lost. Be it learning a new camera,
cell phone, computer and etc..

Then throw in the new stuff on the computer.
I manage Facebook, but that is sooooooooooo
yesterday.  There is Twitter, Instragram, the
Cloud, AND so much more.

I was reading in Time magazine about a new
one (geesh, guys, I am still trying to adjust to
the old) called Slack.  This is so new but it has
a great following already... a lot of businesses
use it.  From the article I take it ..it is a huge
business step.  Looks like 80 or more per cent
is on the business front. But that doesn't mean
the average person...... well, I should correct
that.. the average techie person.. uses it too.
And slowly or not, fast coming up will be
the people who use Facebook, Twitter and
Instragram, and these, will be history as well.
The name of the article by the way is..
EMAIL KILLERS...  and I have to be honest..
I don't do anywhere as much email as I use to
before Facebook.. I use Facebook message a lot
more.  With so many people doing Facebook
on their phones (not me.. I don't have a cell phone)
that you get an answer a lot faster.   And especially
now, because people check their message area, but
hardly ever check their emails.

I feel like a person who is still doing her wash
in an old Maytag wringer washer... while the rest
of the world is doing their wash, by putting their
dirty wash on a hanger, and press the button, and
the clothes go thru a closet and come out the other
side clean and press and in to your clothes closet.
(you can bet some day that will be the way of the world)

As it is.. I went into Staples to look and drool over their
large tablets.. which I would like to have one. A 10 incher.
But I will have to buy one at a hock shop, with Windows 7
in it... because the world is up with Windows 10 and it is
so way different from what I know.  My laptop is a 7, and
heard that Windows 8 was a mess.. so had no desire to get
one.  Now every computer has a pop up of FREE WINDOWS
10.. well, for me.. not even for free.  There are people who
are having trouble with 10.. besides just watching the gal
explain it to me.. I got a head ache.. AND there is NO office
program anymore.. so no free typing of letters and etc. That is
extra. about $100 extra.. and no more cd or dvd players and
recorders.. don't know if they just did away with it.. or you
have to pay extra for that.     I like my Windows 7.  I am use
to my WINDOWS 7....   and like a typical New Englander..
I don't like change.. especially when it gives me head aches
to just watch someone else do it.  So guess I will keep checking
the hock shops for a tablet... with Windows 7 in it.  and so far.
my laptop is doing fine.. and I can make dvd's, and I can make
cd's and I can type a letter if I want to... which by the way
that is a old one too.. I think it is Office 2000, which I installed
because some one got a new computer and gave me their cd
of it.

Yep, the more I learn,  the less I know..

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