Monday, November 16, 2015

The times are changing...

You have to be hid under a rock, not to know what
went on this weekend in Paris...

The word is 129 died...and much more wounded.
And of the 8 terrorist, 6 are dead, and 1 is caught
and one is on the run...out of France, and they were
thisclose to getting that they had him stopped
and for some reason didn't get it and let him pass.

The reports are up and down, what is truth and what is
rumors..  But are they telling us that only 8 terrorist
brought on all this mayhem?  Surely there had to be
more.. or was it the element of surprise got them as
far as it did?  Luckily the police were faster...

These days.. fighting, terrorist, wars are all different
from what we are use to.. 
Indians and Calvary.. leathers and blue suits and cowboy
Civil war.. union blue and rebel grey...
WW I and WW II it was the uniform differences.
Same with Korean war (it was not a policing...they
shot each other.. that is war)
Vietnam was a little different.. but still the uniforms.
But now?  they only thing that seems to be the same
all the countries are  in their uniforms. Ours, France,
Germany and etc. and the MidEastern's look like every
one else in their country. So our allies and the rest can't
tell who is who.. but they sure know who we are.

Then you take the renegades terrorist.. They look like
any other MidEasterner.. So is it a terrorist, or is it the
local doctor or welder or what ever?  

And when they come to the other countries.. every
Midwesterner is suspicious.  They must know what
it felt like to be Japanese during WWII..  With the
exception that they aren't rounded up and put in camps.

I hate to see what is coming.. where next?  are we next?
Will it be something like Paris.. or bigger like the Super
bowl..  scares me to even think about it..  We might
cuss the HOMELAND SECURITY.. but so far, they
have kept us safe.  So far..  

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