Thursday, October 29, 2015


Two more days to the big candy day...
Kids will be out.. usually all ages, as we get
teens as well as little ones.

We live in a small town, so our good nights are
10 kids.. so-so night is about 3.  And that is why
the King has me buy the good candy.. but I have
to hide it from him..

I remember Halloween when I was a kid. but don't
remember going from door to door. Weird. as I am
sure we were the average American family in the
average American town.. but my memory is only
of the granges.  They would have fun and games.
Bobbing for apples in the big wash tub full of
water and apples.. Apples that had a coin pushed
in them..

Then as a teen, I remember going to a friend's
house, in the basement there was a party, heavily
chaperone by the parents.. again the bobbing for
apples, but no coins, and a movie.

Then jump ahead to my own kids, and yes, we hit
the road at dusk and they went from door to door
until 9pm.. and always a big bag of candy.  And
when we got home, they would dump out their
bootie.   I had them divide up their candy in 3rds.
Same type of candy in each one... then they got
one 3rd and I would bag up two bags of the other
2 ...3rds.  And freeze them.. About January we
would take out a bag... and February another bag.

Now my adult kids... have Halloween parties. Some
take the bus to different bars that are celebrating..
and some of them are having the party at their house.
This is a big deal.. lots of decorations..   Some of them
are pretty scary.  Some of the food is pretty scary.
One time there was ribs with chili in the middle..
looking like a bloody body.  Clowns that have
scary faces in the first place and then they added
red lights... this year the Grim up for
the folks who come.  But fun for all..

So Happy Halloween folks.. and don't forget to
set your clocks back on Sunday.



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