Monday, October 19, 2015

Busy... canning and jamming is our game...

The King and I have been busy for the past  couple of weekends
in between him hunting..

Here is where we were jamming this past weekend...
the X on the ones, is an experiment.. we came across
some product that you can make jam without cooking. And  
it doesn't take a lot of sugar. in fact it is inside
the package with the Certo. We didn't know about that..
So we made the far ones, the regular way.. cooking
and then did the second batch with the new stuff. 
Surprisingly the flavor was great
But we did bath them at the end.. to have them 
seal...even though they said you didn't have to do that...
 We will see how it goes. 

This is two batches..... one of them is marinara sauce and the other is sweet relish. 

This is the peach batch

This is the first batch of marinara sauce...

Up next is making chocolate zucchini bread..

These are all Christmas gifts in the making...
The King and I did well..this time.. lol.. we do projects 
all the time together..but one would wonder if we are
going to kill each other before it is done.. and these 
actually went very smooth. 

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