Tuesday, October 27, 2015

60 Minutes Show

Watched the 60 Minutes show on Sunday.
They had about Joe Biden dropping out of the
election race... sadly, this will give Hillary a
boost... and also means the last he will run.
Like I have said before.. I don't know if I
would have voted for him.  I like him as a person
but that doesn't always make a good president.
I know he has misstep a couple times and
got catch being natural with his responds. Things
that wasn't bad to me..  And with the rest of the
ship of fools on the Republican side.. well...like
I said.... slim pickings.

The other thing was where the show,... showed
the inside of the room where the government,
like a headquarters of eyes on the world.. where
decisions are made... who to bomb and etc.  I hate
it when they do that..  Now days, what is on
television is no longer just for the United States.
The whole world is watching.. and our enemies
surely are.. so why should we tell them and show
them what we have and can do? 
It goes back to my thoughts of the WWII saying..

I hate it.  

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