Thursday, October 15, 2015

What was the fizz sound of Tuesday night?

Oh, it was the Democratic Debate....
Being I can't get CNN, I didn't watch it..
so depended on internet for results...

One of the social networks.. Facebook was
all a buzz after the Republican Debate, so
headed there first... NOTHING.. nil.. no one
was even talking about how well anyone
had done.  Not even the Republican friends
I have .. didn't do a grand slam on it.

So googled it... and the one that had the most
was CNN...which of course was the channel
of choice for the debate..  Well,  they sure do
love Hillary... she won by a grand slide.
Surely that can't be true.. so looked further.

Then came to Fact Check.. which after reading
about 10 minutes of remarks on which ones that
the candidate goofed up on or flat out lied.. I
took away the feeling of .. it was about the one
who lied the least... as none of them were full of
true facts.. some where fibs, or maybe opinions..

But the best part, was the best line of the night..
Hillary's remark as she bravo herself on her
keeping Wall Street in line...  with her statement of
and I basically said, ‘cut it out!"
now how many mothers have I heard
say that over the years to their kids, as
the kids ignored them?  Isn't that an old
Jack Benny line?

This was said in what? 2007.. well we saw how
well that worked.. right?  and I can hardly wait
for her to be President (NOT) and tell I.S.I.S.

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Mari Meehan said...

I gotta tell you, that woman scares me!