Wednesday, October 14, 2015

In need of some rainy days...

I am in serious need of rainy days.
See the weather has been so great, that
I have been working out in the yard still.

I have pulled weeds, transplanted some
of the plants that didn't work out well,
where they were.

But I have some work to do in the house.
I have some winter clothes to get out.. after
all these mornings are telling us that Fall
is here and winter is coming.. Coming
slowly, which is the way I prefer, but
coming never the less.

But as I see the need, the different things
I really should be doing inside.. I can't let
go of the sun on the deck. Warm enough
to sit there for lunch. Or just a cup of tea
in-between different chores.

So I can't be inside the house.. I would
feel guilty that there is stuff I can do outside,
and enjoy the sunshine.. and the slight breeze
from time to time..  It calls my name at about
10 every morning.. And I know there aren't
many days left.

So bring on the rain.. even if it is just for two
days. Make it really rain, not these sprinkles
we get. Have it pour down the driveway..
give me the sound on the tin roof...  I
can keep myself busy and still have that
cup of tea.  Just two days is all I need.

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