Thursday, October 22, 2015

Another one drops out....

Another could be candidate dropped out of the arena..
Well, I guess I shouldn't say dropped out, as he never
stepped into the arena... he just kept running around the
edges of it.

But I find myself saying... "say it isn't so, Joe."
as I like Joe Biden... did I want him for President?
I don't know.  But at this stage of the game he seems
to be the only one with common sense and a sense
of the common man.........or woman.

I understand why he decided not to throw his hat in the
ring.  Grieve is a hard one... there is no time limit on it.
And as he says, he is just getting to the point where he
can smile when his son's name is mention.. with out
tearing up.  And he feels that there is not enough time
to gather the money and run the gamut.  I would think
12 months would be enough... but I guess these days it

Even with all his goofs up, and his misspoken words, I
like Joe.  He seem to use common sense, which is a rarity
in politic these days.  He didn't hate the other congress
men and women.. he wanted to work with the opposing
party.. another rarity. 

He has to do what is right for his family. And at his
age, he knows he was not only shutting the door on
this election, but all future elections...I don't think he
plans on running for congress either....  and I see this

as a lost for the American people...  

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