Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Does any one dance anymore?

Does any one dance anymore?  Is there places besides
bars that have dancing?   And even the bars seem to
be less and less with dancing. 

I realize there are some, especially bars that do have
some of the latest dances.. especially in the bigger
cities.  Ours seems to have a very limited amount
according to my daughter.  As every once in a while
she and her husband will go out to dinner and look
for a place to go dancing. They are into the newer
dances, like in the 1980 (that is newer to me).

But for those older, there really is a limited amount
of places.   And does anyone do the 'OTHER dances?
You know, two step, waltzes, swing and etc.   I know,
I just dated myself. 

But for those of us over 60, is there places that still
play music for dances... besides the Senior Citizen
Centers?  I don't know if Granges, have dances any
more.. besides square dancing.

The King and I have not danced in... well, let's
see, oh, we did dance at my daughters wedding
about 4 years ago, at their house... with relatives.
And even that was rock, I think there might have
been about 3 slow dances in the 4 hours of music.
But before that, we had not danced in about 12
years or more.  Being I am not a very good
dancer, it isn't a big deal.  But once in a while
it would be nice.  By the way, with the hard
rock type, I do a great impression of Elaine
on Senfield show. Those who use to watch
the Senfield show, know what I mean.

So the question is.. do you dance? and where do

you dance? 

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