Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Junk Mail...

Every day...junk mail.. some days
more than others..

Most of it comes in my legal name.. and
now some is showing up in my nickname.

I wish there was a non call for non mail..for
junk mail.. There was a number one time I
saw that supposedly you could do that.. Only
trouble was.. they wanted my SS # ... and
that is not going to happen. 

But I don't want their magazines, nor do I
want their fancy newsletters, or even their
kitchen ware.  Or how to earn a lot of money
or secrets that the banks and lawyers don't
want you to know.

So it all goes in to file zzz ... the shredder.
and occasionally I return it to them in
their own envelope.  After all if they are
going to give me a stamped envelope..
the least I can do is use it..  So I mail
the coupon with my address on it..and
write in large letters.. 
PLEASE..  after all you should get a little
bit ahead if you are polite.. right?  Well,

worth a try. 

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