Thursday, October 08, 2015

Phase two of gardening.....

Nope, not talking about winterizing the garden..
Got that done a couple weeks ago...

This is the phase that comes in October to December.
The  canning... last week it was peaches.  Yesterday
was marinated sauce, our second case of it.
Next week is the second series of sweet relish,
and followed by sauerkraut.

Then to be followed by Blueberry jam, from the
blueberries we picked from Shingle Mill Road
Blueberry Farm.

Then in November starts the zucchini bread.
All that shredded zucchini in the freezer
comes to play.  I put 2 cups of shredded
zucchini in each bag.. We had our zucchini
plus the neighbor down the road send us
several by the way of their children.. Who
could say no.. not me..  lol
So they are ready for the bread
making. That is the expensive side of it all.
All the flour, brown sugar, eggs, and etc.

If I am lucky, I will have it all done by Dec. 1st.
As a lot of these will end up in gift baskets for


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