Thursday, October 01, 2015

The last yard sale of the year?

                                                                                                                  These are my scores of the yard sale
of last weekend.. which most likely will
be the last of the yard sales for this year.

Not many people have yard sales in October.
There might be a few craft shows in view of
Christmas and people looking for the unusual
for a gift.

Yard sales are a hobby of my youngest and I.
We have a good mother/daughter time with
coffee in hand.. newspaper ads in hand and
off we go... some we glide by, as we aren't
in the baby business anymore... and grand
children all live far away..

Yard art is what catches my eye, unless I
am looking for something special in mind.

We know addresses more by what we bought
in that neighborhood than we do by the number
on the house..  You know.. oh, that is two doors
down from where we bought the lawn chairs, or
the tricycle you bought for Mike without the batteries.
(that one is 15 years old, as Mike is now almost 25).

So here is my last chance scores.. 

the plate says it like it is.. before my first cup of coffee

This is a metal sign, and the shape is like a bottle cap.. way cool.. 

This frog, is in good shape but did not have a rain gauge on it.. but I had a rain gauge at home.. and no where to put it.. until now.. 

Spinner.. I am a sucker for spinners.. it wasn't really for sale until I asked if it was..and then she only wanted a quarter for it.. but I gave her 50 cents as it is in great shape. 

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Mari Meehan said...

Love the rain gage!