Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Good bye Summer..HELLO FALL ...officially..

The last roses of the summer?

Now matter how we look at it.. summer is dead
and gone.. even with the teases of warm weather,
there is no denying it... Fall is officially here.

The mornings are cold.. the frost is slipping its
cover over the grass, and the garden is turning
yellow fast.

Most of the yard has been put away.. there is
a few things I got to get to before it turns completely
cold and I lose the plants I have left.  As it is, I have
moved the pots up close to the deck.. except for the
ones hanging on the pergola corners.
And the solar lights.. although those are the last to
go into the shed.  Some I leave out all winter long.
A glimpse of light on the snowy nights still are nice.

So GOOD BY SEPTEMBER... you were challenging
to say the least.  Sadness and surprises, and some laughter.

And HELLO, OCTOBER, please be kind to us as we let
go of Summer, gives us a long Indian Summer, before
you bring on the snow...

I know the chores start inside.. with winter clothes
coming out, summer clothes go back in the totes,
and flannel sheets back in the closet.

Only thing that helps, is the beautiful colors you
have started to give us, before the leaves all hit

the ground.   

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