Wednesday, September 02, 2015

The question is.. when is it a vacation....

Really I would like my comment box fill up with answers.

Two households had this conversation, about vacations...
We all know that when you leave your job for 4 to 14 days
it is a vacation.. that is not the question.

The question came in another form.

So... first scene is... you go away for 4 days.. to see
 a relative.  You drive for at least 4 hours.. visit and come
back 4 days later.

Second scene... You drive to a relatives house for 4 hours.
you visit for 2 days, then leave that relative's house, and
drive another 2 hours.. and visit that relative for a day or 2.
Then leave that house, go across town and visit another
relative for a day or 2.  Then once again you are on the road
for another 4 hours to visit another relative, for a day or 2.
Leaving that relative, drive 3 hours, and spend a day or 2 and
then head home ......driving 4 more hours.  You have been
gone 10 days or so.  Vacation?

And lastly.... you drive for 4 to 6 hours.. You arrive at a hotel,
or rented house.. You spent 4  or 5 days there. Visiting the sights,
laying on the beach. Going fishing on a charter boat.. what ever
pleases the two of you.. And then after those days you drive back
the 4 to 6 hours back home.  Vacation?

Well according to the males they are all vacations.. And to the
females.... only the last one is a vacation...  the other two are
visiting relatives.  

This isn't to say, that the first two are not enjoyable. They are.
Busy, and fast, but enjoyable.. but just not a vacation.
The last one is a not scheduled out, laid out, but play it by ear..
vacation... Even you come across one of those relatives during
the time, it is still a vacation.

So here you go readers, tell me.. what is a vacation, to you?
are we females nick picking?  I honestly want to know.

REMEMBER this is not about which one is enjoyable. as they
both are enjoyable... just one is more laid back, and maybe a
tat more enjoyable as there is no responsibility to it.

a period of suspension of work, study, or other activity, usually used forrest, recreation, or travel; recess or holiday:

: a period of time that a person spends away from home, school, or business usually in order to relax or travel


Anonymous said...

I'm still a working person, so I consider any length of time away from my job, even if it's just a long weekend away from home, to be a vacation. And I'm a female!

Anonymous said...

Female here. Vacations with family are work, work, work. Prep, scheduling, etc, etc, and then clean laundry, unpack....Only vacation I ever got was taking one with another female or two. To bad it took til I was old to smart up. Lol.