Thursday, September 10, 2015

What are the chances of.....

Ok, you have all the dishes and silverware in your
dishwasher, soap, shut the lid.. hit start.....
AND THEN... you see a knife and spoon in the corner
of the sink.  What do you do, wash it by hand?  wait
until the next load?  Or ... yes,  I do.... open the washer,
put the stuff in and shut it quickly, as the water is starting
to spray out..

You fill up the clothes washer, throw in the soap.. shut
the lid... hit start....................AND your husband comes
in, and says I need these clean too.  Luckily I have a top
loader, so it isn't a big deal... But when I did have a front
loader... it was a big problem.. Shut down the machine,
wait 10 minutes for it to completely stop, and the water
recede, and then it unlocks.. to throw it in.

You take the garbage out to the front for pick up on garbage
day... you hear the truck coming up the road... you throw
something in the house garbage only to see you forgot
to take it out for the garbage can... So you grab it out of
the can, tied it as you run out front to the truck as he is
throwing your garbage in the truck..

Been there.. to all of them.. done that...

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