Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Well, how many do you wear???

Do you wear just 4 or 5 different shirts? or
3 different pairs of pants??  How about
your underwear?  The same top 3 in the drawer?

That is the hint.. the top of the drawer... What
I am getting at is.. out of the 25 different under
wear you have in your drawer... do you wear just
the top 3?  You know.. wear them, they go in the
washer and dryer and back in the drawer... and you
pick the same again.. Even though your drawer
has the12?  

Same thing with tee shirts.. do you wear the same
top tee shirts?  The black one, the blue one, and
maybe the grey, or the red.. There are at least 20
more in there, but you pick one of those, depending
on which color you feel like?

The pants are hanging there with at least 10
or more pairs.. but you have your favorite jeans.
So you rotate thru those 2.

Shorts in the drawer, same thing.. what goes
with the tee shirt that you are wearing that
day?  So you wear the black pair, the beige
pair, or maybe the blue ones.  Once in a while
you feel daring and wear the plaid... Even tho
the draw is hard to close with all those shorts
in there?

Are you a creature of habit.. and wear the top
3 items in the drawer, as they rotate thru the
washer and dryer and back in your drawer.

So it means you could actually own just 3
pairs of shorts or pants.. 5 different shirts,
and 3 different underwear... and life would
be  fine..but you have to own 25 of each.....
just in case.
How about the socks?  I am always buying a
package of socks for my husband..  So today
I decided they should be in his drawer, and
not on top of the dresser where he throws the
clean wash... and find out he not only has 1
drawer full of socks but he has 2.. one for short
socks and one for long socks.. He has 4 drawers
of tee shirts.. there is the LOST IN THE 50'S
tee shirt drawer, there is the car type of tee shirts,
there is the drawer with all the orange colored
from his days as a traffic director... and there is
the one with all the white ones... There is one
for the long sleeves.  There is a short drawer,
even though he has 8 pairs sitting in the chair
next to his side of the bed.  And then there is
the under wear shorts drawer that is cramped
full, not counting the rotating 6 he has on the
chair next to the shorts.

Just got to shake my head... but got to admit
I have a few favor shorts, that I rotate. I do
better in the tee shirt .. as I rotate about 8 of


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