Wednesday, September 09, 2015

I suffer from....L. W. A.

I suffer from L. W. A.... My mother use to
say that to me when I was little.
And as an adult I have
tried real hard not to practice it.

But my youngest daughter accuses me of it. And
really she is almost as bad.. and does suffer some
what herself.

You say .... good bye.. I say ...good bye.. You say
take good care of yourself..  I will reply, you do the

You message me a few words, I answer with a few
words.. the conversation goes back and forth.. and
then one of us will say. well, got to go (for what ever
the reason)...and I will reply.. me too... You say bye
I say bye.. You put up a cartoon of a good bye..
I will return with a cartoon of good bye...

Or you will message me that you got the gift, and
thank you..  I will reply welcome...  no matter
what follows.. I will answer it.. other wise they might
think I didn't get the last message...

So do you suffer from L. W. A.????? 

Last    Word... Annie.....??? 
well do you???

Happy Birthday.... Tim and Elaine 

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