Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Hello September, can December be not close?

So here we are, in September... the summer is
all gone..  Oh, yea, we can get a couple days
here and there in the 70's or even 80's.. but
we know it is all over but the crying.

And crying it is.. that is me.. i am trying to grab
and hold every day of this past summer.. I still
have my shorts.. but got to admit, I dug thru and
got my winter pj bottoms out the other night as
the temps dipped to the 40's.

Ah, summer you went thru so fast.. I packed
so much, and you tried to show us what hell
would be like, incase we decided heaven
wasn't all that it is sold to be. 

I had the MEET ME AT THE BEACH, with my
family on the Oregon coast.. it was so divine...
so sublime... my children, their spouses, my
grandchildren, and their spouses and my
great grandchildren... maybe not all of them,
but 30 was a pretty fine turn out.  It went by
in a blur, if it wasn't for pictures, I would almost
wonder if it was all just a dream.

The rest went by with cook outs, only one fishing
trip, and lots of yard work.   Now it is time  
to put summer away.. so out will come the totes
to put away the yard art and etc.

So you think I put the title in too soon  with the
mention of December??? really, think about it.
It was just June a few several days ago... June
as we were planting the garden we just harvested.
It will come soon enough...

So I will be the one hanging on to that Indian Summer

we all love, watching the turning of the leaves.

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