Tuesday, September 01, 2015

What are you allergic to?

A question every time you go to the dr. It is a
standard question.. what are you allergic to?
and my standard answer has been... NOTHING.
All these years, I have never been allergic to anything.
no foods, no meds, no plants.. etc.

NOT ANY MORE..  Last week, my finger got infected.
I tried to fix it myself.. that was not good.. ended up
a the Immediate Care unit. The great crew there was
very helpful.. They clean up the wound, gave me a
prescription for antibiotics... I was good to go. In 4 days
the wound was starting to look good. But I was starting
to not feel so good.  My stomach felt heavy, I lost my
appetite, feel like I was going to throw up, and sleepy.
By the 3rd day of that, I looked up the side effects of
the prescription, and found out .. yep .. all those and couple
others were listed.  But with only a couple more days of
the antibiotic left, I figured I could tough it out. After all
the finger is getting better.. And they were pretty strong
about taking ALL of the doses. 

Then Sunday, late afternoon.. I am turning red. little
dots all over. I asked the King to look at my back as it
feels like I have little needles all over.  He said HOLY
COW, YOU HAVE HIVES...  sure enough.. all over the
body.. down my legs, on my feet..  Not good.
So I got some bendriyl and cream..   By Monday, it isn't
getting much better.  So back to Immediate Care.
Wow, they said... you are allergic to the antibiotics..
So more meds, stuff to wash in..

So I took the meds, which they mention, oh, it will
make you sleepy.  oh, yea.. I was in bed by
But this morning, I am wake and feeling good. No more
sick stomach, the hives look a little better, more like botches.
But as James Brown says...I FEEL GOOD.... LIKE I KNOW

And no longer will I say.. oh, I am not allergic to anything.

I will be saying...I am allergic to Spectra...  

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