Monday, August 31, 2015


I have two speeds for being sick...
One is leave me the hell alone and
let me sleep, and just let me die.

The other is... when i am not real bad
sick. I am still mobile but like a bear with a
thorn in the side..

The second one is worse for those around
me.  Because I am in part.. denial and trying
to get work done so I will feel better. When
I work around the house, it takes my mind off
of me.. but I have sharp tongue.. My conversations
are a little sharp around the edges and I don't mean
to be that way..  So it is just best to leave me be.

And that is how this weekend went. Not a good
thing, when you have guest.  But found out the
antibiotics that I am taking for cut finger that got
infected... has the side effects of...
sleepiness...... check...
heavy stomach area with stomach ache....check
feeling like I could vomit, but don't....  check..
lost of appetite... ... check
In other worse I am not exactly sick.. but I am not
really well either.

All I can say it ... after these past 4 days, i better
have lost some weight... after having soup and
toast most of the time.. I think the scale should
honor me with a 5 pound lost... and for pain and
suffering.. another 5 pound lost...

Thank God tomorrow is my last day for the antibiotics.
As this totally sucks...


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