Thursday, August 13, 2015

Judge not the tortured soul

Once again, shots have rang out in the little town
of Sandpoint.  Shots by a police officer. 

Then will come the judges.. not the ones in black robes,
but the ones who sit in a coffee shop, get on social
media and sit in the bars.   They will judge the young man
who lost his life.. They will judge the police officer... all with
no facts .. only rumors that fly thru the town and over the
social media.

But who is anyone to judge?  They were not there. They
did not see the tortured soul of a young man. A young man
who has had trouble with life for many years.  The family
who, God forbid, I hope did not watch it happen.  With
the exception of a brother. The parents who have watched
their son be tore apart by demons of life.

And the police officer, who had to make a decision to reach
for that gun.  To make a quick instant judgment, that will
haunt him for the rest of his life.  Do you seriously think
he went home that night, and hugged his family, and said
sadly, I had to take a life today, but that is part of my job?
No, he went home, broken.. knowing he had to make a
decision so quickly... and will second guess himself for
the rest of his life.  He will go over and over it with the
authorities as they try to find out what exactly happen.
But he will go over it ... and over it.. the rest of his life,
trying to second guess, was there another alternative?
Was there another way, he could have changed the
outcome? Could he have said something different?
No matter what the reports that come out of all this at
the end of the day.... He will always have second

The bad part of this the people who will second
guess what they think, they understand.. some with
a tiny bit of facts.. some will twist those facts, to their
own agenda. And don't think of the fall out of it all,
on the families who are involved.  The police officer's
family who will be called out because of their father, or
husband...  Some will rather believe the rumors, than
deal with the facts.  Some will over look the bare truth
of a tortured soul.

Instead of calling out, the situation itself, we need to
look into what lead up to the situation.  We have to be
as a human race, be accountable to the torture soul
of the times.  This young man isn't the first and sadly
won't be the last.

May the two families, find some way to find peace in
their lives.  And hopefully the town will support that


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jewelz said...

Beautifully written and sadly so true.