Thursday, August 27, 2015

The roll of toilet paper is going faster....

A long time ago, some person told me that life
as you get older, is like a roll of toilet paper...
The closer  you get to the end, the faster it goes.
I thought that was hilarious, but not anymore....

So here we are.. with August fading away....
taking summer with it.. and September coming
up fast and furious..

The garden is already reacting.. some of the squash
don't have the beautiful green leaves.  The tomatoes
are starting to turn red... and I hope we get them
all before the extra cold mornings hit us... The yellow
ones are still producing like crazy.

Another month and it will be time to put the yard
back to bed for winter.. but at least we won't
have to mow the lawn 2 times a week. No more
weed whacking.. YAHOO.... I hate weed whacking.

As I look forward to the turning of the leaves on the
trees, I look forlorn at the passing of another
summer.  And I refuse to even think about winter.

So guess the person was right about the toilet

paper roll.  

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