Tuesday, August 18, 2015

August is the visiting time....

August 18, 2015
August is visiting time...

It seems like August is our busiest time
for family to visit....
This is not a complaint at all..
As we have had fun with our visitors...

Then there is the "last of the summer bar-b-ques".
Eat weekend seems to be another one. The
King puts on a "Mechanic bar-b-que" for his
fellow workers.

And the weather is letting up, so it is enjoyable to
eat outside again.. The yellow jackets seem to be
a little less.. not a lot but some..
And we still have our senior citizen entertainment
of the evening.. the hummingbirds.. But there seems
to be less of them. We are down to about 4 now.

This is where we went last Saturday...  

 and the winner is... No. 8....
 At one time they were all like this.. with  No. 24 running around.. back and forth as the rest sat dead in the heap.. but as No. 24 decided to get a could extra hits in.... he happen to unhook  No. 8... which was his undoing... 
as No. 8 was able to come back around and slam No. 24 back into the heap and finished him off.. Lesson learn?  If you are ahead of the game.. keep away from the mess. 

I have not
been to a derby before... seen them on tv many
times.. but this was the first up and personal one.

How about you... when do you get the most visitors? 

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