Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The first day at the fair....AND THE WINNER IS....

The King and I went over to the county fair here
in our little town...this is the first day
so not so much is open yet. As the
big animal barn wasn't ready. 
but it was not a waste of time... because
we saw the WINNER.. 

This is the King's butter nut squash which got a red ribbon.. (second)   

 But here is the big surprise...... 
The King's Blue Hubbard Squash got ... a blue ribbon.. (1st place)
the purple ribbon... Grand Champion
AND the medallion.... BEST IN SHOW!!! ...
He was so surprised....  and then he saw the red ribbon on his butternut... he was amazed.  But thrilled. 

 they had some of the quilts hanging up..

Then there is the fish and game building...  the Elk which
the King hopes to get this year... 

This is the greatest scary of them all... the target deer.. also used by the fish and game to  fool the poachers...So used at night and 
during off seasons..  So if one is dumb enough to shoot it.. I am 
sure there will be a tap on your shoulder..   

This is the memory pool with the names of so many who worked with the Fair in the past.. a lot of them thru the 4 H CLUBS... 

AND THIS IS THE GRAND WINNER....... the King is pretty proud, as he should be..  He has another one in the garden almost as big..


Marianne Love said...

Congratulations, Kenny. That is quite the squash!

jewelz2526 said...

Way to go papa kenny !

jewelz2526 said...

Way to go papa kenny !