Monday, August 24, 2015

A great mind gone, but won't be forgotten...

Down in the lower right side of this blog is
a list of other blogs that I go to read. Some
are done often... some not...

The one called  TG's Raves and Rants
it is 3 years old.  He only did a few in
the two years that he wrote. But they
were each very powerful.  But the lure
of Facebook, where he could debate,
have fun, with his friends took over
the blog time. 

He had an opinion.. yes, I would
say on just about everything. He
could quote facts, he had common
sense opinions, something that is rare
in these days.

And a wild and wonderful wit. His
sense of humor was great... some
probably didn't understand.. but
those of us who read his comments,
ALWAYS laughed.. and if we weren't
laughing..  we were thinking..

Yet he was a gentle giant. His love of
birds and his dogs were huge. But
most of all.... the love of his wife, Emily
was the strongest of all.  They have
been married.....what 10?, maybe even
15 years?  And their love is so very
strong..  Great respect for each other,
yet could pull off some kind of prank
on each other.  They are a perfect

And the reason why I am writing this
today?  First this is the King and my
nephew... The King's oldest brother's
son.  And he passed away, with out
warning.. at 1:30am in his sleep at the
tender age of 38.

Leaving a huge hole in all of our lives.
Family, friends. gaming friends, Facebook friends..

He had a great love of music, movies, Star Wars,
and D&D type games... and some what W0W game.
Also he was a greatly loved cartoonist.

Face Book lit up, as the word past thru
the day, as each learn of his passing.
Hundreds of comments of broken hearts
.. and still coming in. 
Loving words... some showed pictures
of him, or the one showed the instruments,
telling how they played rock music for him,
in his honor......very LOUDLY..

In a couple of weeks there will be a celebration
of life for Travis... all will gather one last time
to share their love of him together.  Trying
to fill the hole.  And the sad feeling of what
could have been.  38 is way too young to
leave us all.

found this picture on his Facebook page.. seems fitting.. even though is is about 25 years ago..or so.
 Good night sweet prince.... 

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Marianne Love said...

So sorry to hear about your nephew. Same age as Willie. Stunning and so sad. Give Kenny and his family my best.